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captioning sponsored by wpbt >> paul: two big developments for bank of america and embattled c.e.o. ken lewis. the bank settles s.e.c. charges it misled investors about bonuses for merrill lynch execs. and b-o-a hires one of the best- known women on wall street shaking up its top management. we get insight on both moves from veteran banking analyst dick bove. >> susie: cash for clunkers drives a rebound in auto sales giving ford its first positive sales growth in over a year. but the program's future and funding are still up in the air. >> paul: then the markets start the month on a tear with the s&p 500 pushing above one-thousand for the first time since last fall. how long will the rally last? some answers, coming up. >> susie: then, a problem at apple's core. google c.e.o. eric schmidt is stepping down from apple's board of directors. we'll tell you why. >> paul: i'm paul kangas. >> susie: and i'm susie gharib. this is "nightly business report" for monday, august 3. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program was made possible by contributions to your pbs sta
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it fromank of america toy. the company dinot admit or deny the securities and change coission's charges, but a bank okesman called the settlemen a constructive cclusion. lel experts said it was worth noting the s.e.c. d not charge bankf america th fraud. finance professor james gel says a fraudharge would have trigged much stiffer pelties. >> the fact thatt was mislding and that they are not arresting people for secities aud shows that they may real think it was morof a paperwork error than an intentnal scam on the plic. >> reporr: regulators charge the documents bank oamerica sent to instors explaining its deal to buy merrillynch were false d misleading. that because bank of america said no bonuses would be paiat merrill witht b of a's approv. bank of amica did not disclose $5.8 blion in bonuses had, in fact, already been approvefor payment to mrill executives. members of congress ve spent many hours lookingnto charges ba regulators pushed bank of america ceo ken wis into a shotgun marriage with a falting merrill lynch. ngressional critic darrell issa says th settlement wraps up just o
. >> public money, and i'm sure. >> my taxes? >> america's cable companies greeted c-span as a public service, a private business initiative, no government mandate or money -- that was held c-span was created. >> congress has delayed action on health care until after the august recess. this morning, we talk about this on "washington journal." host: tell us about the progress that was made on monday and what the senate may or may not be doing. guest: the house energy and commerce committee was able to pass the house democrats' version of health reform bill. they have been having a bit of trouble all along the way with some of the more conservative democrats, but they were able to make some deals and the house should take it up when they return from recess. the senate finance committee is working on a bipartisan health care bill right now and they will be working on this all week. i do not expect to see a final bill from them this week. aba proposal or something like that, but nothing complete. they have sent us a deadline of the 15th. probably after the recess. host: what about the fact that t
appointed czars. these are frightening people and you have to answer one question tonight, and, is america waking up? i think they are. they are giving congressmen an earful during their listening tours. some of them don't seem to be listening. oh, they will. i promise you video that you just want to see. you're not going to want to miss this. if you believe this country is great, and you don't think a disclaimer should steal your right to property and privacy, stand up and come follow me! well, hello, america. well, that is one ugly guy. holy cow, that's me! hello and welcome to the program. apparently last friday, i committed the ultimate sin in the liberal blogging world. mom, i'm working on a blog right now! yeah, apparently i questioned a government program. how could you possibly do that? cash for clunkers has orwellian wording that is creepy and anybody that isn't creeped out isn't paying attention. that's just the problem here. i brought that up. the liberal blogs went nuts. oh, that crazy conspiracy theorist glenn beck. really, it is a conspiracy? i mean, it was riert there. hello
. it was fought to make america be america for all its citizens. these were america's civil rights leaders. >> host: how would you describe this period in the 1950's to the young african-americans who only read about it through history books? and we should point out the year you were born, 1954. >> guest: exactly. what was interesting to me is i went on a book tour for "eyes on the prize" realizing how many people hadn't lived through this year, and this was of course than the late 80's and early 90's. so today it is overwhelming. most americans today, a quarter of the population are under 18. they have no concept. with a new is martin luther king is a hero or to be viewed as a hero, viewed positively although we get some younger people who think that he's just an image, they want a more militant figure. like malcolm x that would stand up, sort of the defiant black lace. then you get people who don't understand. they -- something like a colored blanking fountain, just bizarre or you get white kids who don't understand how recent so many of these indignities and limits in terms of education
and america, the iranian government blames the u.s. for fueling the protests that have engulfed the country since the controversial election of president mahmoud ahmadinejad, a cause for concern as the state department follows it closely. >> sonia gallego, thanks, sonia. >>> a top official in saddam hussein's government has been convicted of helping plan the forced removal of thousands of iraqi kurds. tariq aziz was given seven years in prison yesterday on top of a 15-year sentence he's already received for crimes against humanity. aziz served as his foreign minister and deputy prime minister. >>> in afghanistan, the taliban is claiming responsibility for a deadly bombing this morning. the remote controlled bomb went off in the western city of herat. at least ten were killed in the blast including women and children. dozens others also injured. a local police chief -- a local police chief was apparent target critically wounded. >>> in a separate attack militants killed three more u.s. troops with gunfire after attacking their convoy with a roadside bomb. that brings the death toll to six. t
and adoption of broadband in america to help to make the united states the most connected nation on earth. in rob mcdowell and michael copps we have two holdovers, if you will, from the past commission but both very knowledgen -- knowledgeable, both very fair. i think michael copps served as interim chair and showed what an outstanding public servant he is and what an outstanding leader he was. and then we have two new commissioners, both of whom are known to the industry, meredith atwell baker from her service as the administrator of ntia and minion clyburn who we know from her state regulatory positioning. so this is a very eminent fcc, i think, from their comments and their testimony in the case of minion and meredith, really very focused on moving the telecommunications industry forward and on, and on pursuing policies that are really, i think will be impactful and helpful to our companies. >> host: if i could segway to the hill, senator rockefeller and congressman waxman, how do you think they're going to get along with mr. genachowski as things go forward? senator rockefeller has on
. >> yes and no and that everything that works well in america, the best stuff we get from capitalism. free markets. you talk about the boss and the people pleasing the boss, and you view it in politics from being a politician. i do it as a consumer reporter from businesses trying to please their customers. that's the ultimate accountability. we can only elect you once every four years. we can change the company we buy things from every two seconds. it's that motivation that makes things better. and i'm sorry i forgot the question what was going with that. but if we apply more about healthcare, we would see it in the few areas of healthcare for people pay for things himself. plastic surgery, basic eye surgery. races are coming down, quality are going up and the doctor gives out his e-mail address and cell phone number because he's looking to please the customer. it's good. >> mike: one of the things that gets talked about a lot in the insurance debate is really why does the individual have the policy owned by the employer rather than by the employee? >> at the left over from world war ii an
things up. bank of america, $33 million to settle charges that they made false or misleading statements regarding bonuses paid to merrill lynch executives. and mary thompson's going to give you all the details on that in just a moment. on the cyclicals and the weak dollar, most of the major names are the highest levels since september or october of last year. all the big names were up 2%, 3%, 4%, even 6% or 7% here. auto storksz ford's at a new high. toyota's at the highest level since september.. the big car dealers like sonic automotive were up. again, the companies that have replacement parts are the ones that were down here today. finally, the defensive names looking very good here. excuse me. are the big laggards here as the people out there who are actively in the market want cyclicals, not defensive.e. there's the s&p 500 over 1,000 there for the first time since november. and as i said, 66 was the march 9th low. exactly 50% above that. melissa, back to you. >> yeah, ominous, but we don't mind now. thanks so much, bob pisani. a management shake-up and an s.e.c. settlement for ban
gainer, 7%, of course that commodities play is in full force. bank of america. how about the day bank of america. they settle a dispute for $33 million, they're wondering what the secession, the plan, they were the number two gainer, up 3.6% up on the day and then we get ford, on any day these would be leaders, they had the first uptick, up 4%, but i want to point out to the year-to-date on february the 20th, this stock traded $1.58.8. here at the nasdaq, we focussed all day on apple and google, google ceo eric schmidt out on the apple board. investors bullish on this side of the equation. people are betting on which company they think is going to succeed moving forward.d. but this will take the gloves off of competition, folks, and probably going to see innovation. people excited about this conversation today. i do want to touch on a couple of names, starting with anadarko petroleum. we'll get some answers and go inside these results. that was a beat, actually, and we'll find out what things, what's going on. we talked about housing, as well, construction spending was up, part of the
doing well.. bank of america announcing a $33 million settlement with the s.e.c. over allegations about how they reported the bank of america merrill lynch bonuses deal. that stock is trading up. a brilliant series of commentaries in the middle of the day from bank of america on the cyclicals. the weak dollar you see here. breakout. these are essentially new highs going back to september or october for most of the major cyclical names here. on the autos, ford's at a new high, toyota motors also at the highest since september. and even the car dealers are doing better today. look at sonic automotive. all the car dealers are up. you know what's not doing well in the auto group? anything that's like those replacement parts like auto zone. they were doing better when the sales were terrible. now sales are doing a little bit better they're a little weaker here today. take a look at the defensive names.s. the only groups holding back here is your classic pepsis and colgates, your heinzes as well. we had comments from clorox this morning that were a little disappointing. finally, here's the b
care in america. the previous caller hit the nail on the head when he said that wall street has taken over our health care, taking away from the people and giving it to the dollar profits. now we have a mess. and thank you, sis and. guest: as -- thank you, c-span. guest: it has not been in a huge issue for health reform so far, it has ballooned in the background. i think that it is something that could crop up, especially when the finance bill comes out. host: ted, calling on the democratic line from clinton, maryland. caller: good morning? can you hear me? host: yes, weekend. -- we can. caller: un this lady keep repeating the fact that the government -- you and this lady keep repeating the fact that the government ran out of money for cash for clunkers, but that does not mean that it was not successful. the larger issue is that the american people are being used and misused by the press and public authority. we have a health care bill in this country of $10.50 trillion per year. 30% goes to the insurance companies. that is $770 billion. that money could be used to help the president
news channel] david: the fix for america's money fix is cutting welfare spending. that's a forbes flip side sure to get you fired up. hi, everybody. i'm david asman. welcome to "forbes on fox." california is slashing welfare to save money. and, jack, you say all of america should do the same? >> absolutely. california is going to emerge from this budget crisis stronger in a couple of years' time because they've been forced to make hard decisions. one of those is cutting welfare. its welfare budge set $10 billion for 2010. they're going to have to trim that to become solvent. we can all take an example of that. yes, you need some short-term solution for unemployment benefits when people lose their jobs. but after that, encourage them to get back at work. at least have contingency that encourage looking for a job. david: so we should follow you in california? >> this is not born out by the fact. california kicked the can down the street. they borrowed from municipalities, cut $15 billion from education. at the last minute headlines by cutting against welfare. but what did he cut? he
? and they're spreading across america and no one can stop them. >> the blob is back. >> now states are hiring czars. why someone here says you better pay attention because your money is at risk. plus, this wasn't what cash for clunkers was supposed to be about. >> girls, girls, girls. hello, girls! >> your tax dollars going to buy luxury cars? it's another outrage alert. all of that and -- >> i made a little decision. >> you finally got botox! >> a botox tax to pay for health care? we can't make this stuff up. your innocent, your life, your show to stay ahead of the game. "cashin' in" starts right now. terry: a huge bust over medicare fraud. more than 30 people indicted in four states this week as lawmakers in congress promise to deliver a whole new government-run health care program. proof we need to fix medicare first? hello, everyone. i'm terry keenan. welcome to "cashin' in." here to debate this, our "cashin' in" crew. wayne rogers, john that than, jonas, tracy burns and john. also joining us, an old friend of the program, rob stein, managing director at astar asset management.
children, we have exclusive >>> good morning, america. breaking news. a continental airlines jet making an emergency landing in miami after turbulence, severe turbulence injures more than two dozen people. what was it like on board? we have a live report. >>> and capture. three american students detained in iran after crossing the border during a hike. their last message, we're surrounded. >>> did michael jackson have a fourth child, exclusive video of the jackson family vacation. who is this young man always at jackson's side? >>> the newest poster person for diet and weight loss. rush limbaugh loses 90 pounds in 5 months. a new diet trend. could it work for you? >>> and the boom that went bust. we show you how not to blow up a >>> and the boom that went bust. we show you how not to blow up a building. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> and good morning, america. welcome to this new week. i'm diane sawyer with robin roberts on monday, august 3rd, 2009. what could it have been like aboard that plane with that turbulence? still getting news in. >> we know it was a continental flig
and center today. we're joined by the authors of the just. published book "the battle for america 2008," dan balz and haynes johnson. and to twormer congressmen, democrat harold ford jr. of tennessee and republican j.c. watts of oklahoma. but first the president's chief economic adviser, the director of the national economic council, dr. larry summers. welcome back to "meet the press." >> good to be with you, david. >> the good news this week is that the economy shrank in the second quarter of the year but hess than expected and as so many americans know unemployment is still a big problem. is the recession over? >> we're certainly in a very different place than we were. six months ago, the economy was in a nosedive, people were talking about the possibility of another depression, the statistics all suggested a vertical decline. none of that is the situation right now. we're certainly starting to see a turnaround, a turnaround in production that leaves most professional forecasters to expect that if you look at economic output over the next six months it's actually likely to start to increas
, about 50 pages. i read them, and at the time at rutgers, i'd teach a class called "murder in america." when i saw that he had been murdered, the intrigue of it was that his three doctors were three of the best physicians and the united states and they really messed up the investigation and the autopsy. knowing how hot forensics this, i thought this would be really interesting to apply this to an old murder case and then to probe the other areas of the case that were so surprising. >> did you decide right there on the spot to do that? >> i did. i told my wife that it hit me in the head. she said that that was a great idea and i should pursue that. >> how long did it take them to buy your book? >> i think a couple of months and then it took nearly a year to write it. >> how did you go about writing it? >> very carefully. i went down to williamsburg to the college of william and mary to the rockefeller library and i went to the state library of virginia in richmond and the richmond historical association. then, the rutgers library and a couple of other places. i did a lot of medical res
on the television show america's most wanted. police say they hope new tips will lead them to for rest's killer. the boxer's former manager says seeing the video is bitter sweet. >> it was bitter, you know, to see, you know, my brother, my best friend, you know, having to chase somebody down. to get killed. but it was sweet to know that they are progressing. >> may have been involved. as investors lost countless fortunes over the past few months. many have also lost something a sense of trust bernie madoff. accused of ripping off their clients and now as a result, some investors are hiring private detectives to investigate the people handling their money. sandra smith from the fox business network is with us. you know, who can blame them? >> yeah, bernie madoff scared a lot of people, period. so what happens happening now is we are seeing a loft investors large and small, they are going out and hiring private investigators, trying to get them to help them do the due diligence before they turn cash over to be invested with the fun manager. private investigators, they are being asked to get refer
cell phone companies in the united states of america. and then she championed press ser reags and keeps them operating in place instead of going in the single payer direction. like what would you say if you were fighting single payer. >> lawrence, you've been there for the senate finance committee. nobody is going to like the bill that goes through. it's going to be a big, hairy, ugly piece of legislation that satisfies nobody. that's not the issue. the issue is an i am perfect bill better from the status quo? and the answer to that question is, you're dam right it is. it almost doesn't matter what the details were. it's so terrible to people who get sick and face bankruptcy on top of their i amness that it must be chased it and all of the bills out there take care of that problem, a catastrophic illness. none of those bills leave people high and dry should they get very sick. that's the core of this. the rest is all important but we cannot let this opportunity slip through the cracks. and the idea of being no bill, liberals getting too much that they wasn't, that is the disaster. there
of the national urban league. [applause] i would be remiss-- i am told that america's mayor, mayor daley is in the audience here. i can't see up here mr. mayor bud if you are here thanks for the passport to come into town. there you are, mr. mayor, thank you very, very much. [applause] i understand that my colleague and a fellow a administration official, who he said jackson is here, the minister of the epa to is one of the best editions that the cabinet has made and i think, as she will tell you, i didn't make the new jersey governor capri-- cappi because i was her biggest booster to come and run the whole show so i am glad you are here. she really knows what she is doing. [applause] and a guide that, if i could do my job one tenth as well as he did his and does hismanal i would go down in the history books, but i don't have the talent he has, magic johnson. magic, just touch me, will you? just touch me. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, for 99 years, 99 years the urban league has been at this and after 99 years you have shaped the lives of millions of americans as well as american histo
america in hopes of helping hundreds o thousands who suffer from a debilitating condition. >> plus a young girl is attacked in her own home. now mclean neighborhood is on edge. we'll get the latest in the search for a suspect. >> doug hill in the weather center. no thunderstorms to talk about in the viewing area. we have lots of hot temperatures in our immediate weather future. we'll talk about that in great tale. that's coming here on a on a p >> police are warning residents in mclean to be on alert after the assault of a 14-year-old girl. this happened overnight in a unit of a peach tree of mclean apartments. investigators say the girl was sleeg on a couch when she awoke to a men standing over her. he apparently pinned her arms down. she screamed and he thread and she was not physically injured. >> the fairfax county board of supervisors voted to approve the expansion of the saundy academy. it will be in one campus adding 200 new students to the fairfax location. residents expressed concerns about increased traffic and the school's controversial history. the academy has faced allegation
estate. enormous exposure to the turn in the economy. wells fargo, bank of america. two of my favorite rebound plays. especially now that cramer face sally krawcheck is back doing what she knows so well at bank of america. wealth management. i like bank of america and wells fargo so much my charitable trust owns them both. and now the oils which have taken more of a beating than a breather lately. back. back and bigger than ever with the prices of crude and natural gases soaring. not only is the dollar going down which we like and people like hard commodities when the green back drops but because chevron is shutting in its mammoth natural gas production. that's causing natural gas to wake up from its silent but deadly slumber and at least break out to the upside. this is the kind of leadership that ain't quitting and the oil and oil services are now ready to power higher. coming out of the best july since 1997 i think we're pretty amazing shape. no one else is saying this. i'm the only guy who says i really like it here. everybody else wants to caveat to death. i don't know. i hope it
and harold ford jr., and authors of the new book. here it is, "the battle for america 2008." dan balz and haynes johnson. welcome to everybody. i want to get to the book and some other aspects of the president's performance. and let's start on the economy. harold ford, what's interesting is you hear dr. summers very much defending both the near-term impact and the long-term impact of this stimulus plan on the economy and talking about really the beginnings of a turnaround. >> you've got to appreciate the fervor and the passion from dr. summers. two things. one, there was a promise that this stimulus would have a bigger and faster impact. in fairness to them, this cash for clunkers program is starting to work. 30,000 projects have been funded, and it's likely more will be funded going forward. three, when you look at the 6.4% contraction in the economy at the beginning of the year, if last quarter of last year, 5% contraction, a 1% contraction this year, these are a bunch of numbers for the american people, these things are getting better. unemployment is not where we wanted, but this
economy in the long run. >> long, long run. >> this is america regenerating itself and it does require us to press the reset button and say 70% of our economy is no longer going to be driven by consumer sales. this is bad news in the short run but this is like somebody who is -- >> there are healthy things emerging, like you're saying. but there's this unemployment rate that's not going away. it could actually worsen and when you're unemployed or lesser employed than you were and your neighbor is unemploy, your behaviors will change in ways that are not good for the economy. >> listen to this story. an unemployed new york city woman is suing her college alleging her $70,000 tuition was a waste of money. the 27-year-old says monroe college failed to provide the promised career advice and job leads and she wants her money back. >> you know what she should have done. gone to the university of alabama. great school. look at me. >> these private schools -- >> i come to work whenever i want to come to work. >> just take responsibility for your life. >> jack welch mba. >> very overrateded degree
: during last year's presidential race, then senator obama repeatedly promised america that -- as goes 41 goes 44? now, the pressures of another campaign promise like healthcare seem to leave a few options. secretary gives -- gibbs basically tried to reverse what secretaries geithner and sommers said yesterday. >> it was clear it you look at the transcripts of what secretary geithner and larry summers said yesterday was once the economy recovers, to tackle the deficit, it is not without reason that we should look at raising taxes on the middle- class. after several go-arounds with reporters, a bit exasperated, robert gibbs of for this final summation. >> present it made a promise on the campaign. he is clear about the commitment, and he is going to keep it. >> what is that commitment? not to raise taxes on families earning less than $250,000. at one point, he was asked about the word "commitment," instead of "promise" or "pledged." shepard: i wonder about troubled loans because they come out of white houses, people from the right and left. i wonder if i'm the middle class, and they say th
america" live. we'll have them for our concert on abc2. here we go to the weather with justin. >> we're looking at detroit, michigan. we want to see how the weather is going to shape up and keep her off the internet sites to track and see what the weather might be there. there's 67 in detroit. we've actually had more rain than them so far this year. they've had a pretty cool, wet summer and looks like we could be dealing with some wet weather by the end of the week. we're looking at a dry pattern from detroit all the way down. we're at 77 with 53% humidity. isolated thunderstorm possible this afternoon with temperatures reaching about 89. more on this coming up in a bit. right now 9:02. >> we start with our top story. here we go with a scary international flight. continental flight from brazil to houston had to be diverted to miami after severe turbulence injured at least 26 people. passengers were seen being removed from the plane into several ambulances as well as food trucks. it was flight 128 and it had 168 people on board. four of those people are believed to be in serious condi
. >>> after "good morning america" is "good morning maryland" at 9:00. here's what we're working on -- believe it or not there are just three or so weeks away until school starts. everybody needs to get the supplies. we're going to tell you about bargains you can find. also talk about how there's help for those of you that can't afford new notebooks, pencils, all of that. >>> looking to pie a new home or refinance? carl delmont will be here to explain why it's now easier to buy a gun than a home. how about that>>> and they are one of the hottest country acts and they are coming to abc2. we're going to chat live with jennifer and christian of sugarland on their success and their first ever network tv special. coming up on "good morning maryland" at 9:00. >> sugarland is to be on "good morning america" next at 7:00. >> they are good. >> the theme song. >> she had vocal problems that forced her off the road for a while but now she's back on. it will be great. >>> one more look. >> four days. >> we got heat here. we'll break the heat by the end of the week. temperature again making
producers in the america, pilgrim's pride, a few miles outside of my congressional district, they had to declare chapter 11. maybe we should have a cash for cluckers program and pay people to eat chicken. >> it's not clear yet just how many new cars have been sold under the cash for clunkers program. the obama administration says it will continue to find a way to keep it running. a white house spokesman says the government will honor all new qualified cars sold over the weekend. >>> unemployment and foreclosure rates can cross racial lines, they do remain hire for minorities, both african-americans and hispanics. they also saw a higher proportion of subprime mortgage during the boom. >> nice to see, sir, ray khouchaba. you have been surveying minority groups in a number of urban areas, how are you sensing they are approaching this economy? >> well, tom, we're seeing three things. first of all an increase in optimism amongst these groups. first. second, much greater focus amongst african-american and hispanic communities on what they are spending their dollars on. third and probably mo
president himself made to middle class america. >> if you make under $250,000, you will not see your taxes increase by a single dime. not your income taxes, not your payroll taxes, not your capital gains tax. no taxes. >> the white house hasn't commented on whether president obama's officially changed his position on the no tax increases pledge, but i'm wondering how you're absorbing this new information here. should middle class americans be asked to pay more in taxes to reduce the national deficit? this, of course, even though during the campaign, president obama promised there would be no tax hikes for the middle class. i mean what are you willing to do? 1-877-tell-hln. or e-mail us, go to, click under your views, you can text us the word views, comments and name to hlntv. standard text rates do apply, by the way. this segment all about you and your thoughts, thank you for sharing them with us. >>> detroit auto make letters report their july sales today and analysts are expecting some pretty encouraging numbers here. predicts they will show sales jumped more than
called t murder n america. when i saw that part of the case and the intrigue of it is that his three doctors are called the dream team. they are the best physicians in the united states. they really messed up the investigation and the autopsy. knowing how hot forensics is today, i thought it would be really interesting to apply for an six investigation into an old mortar case -- to an old murder case. >> did you decide right there on the spot to do that? >> i when toent home and told my wife this book fellow at the sky. so i did it right then. >> how long did it take for them to buy your book? >> i think a couple of months. about another year to write it all together. >> how did you go about writing it? to go very carefully. i went to the state library of the virginia in richmond. and richmond historical association. then the record library, firestone library at princeton and a couple of other places to get material. i did a lot of medical research in this one. i was really surprised -- i think everyone realize that madison was quite primitive, yet in autopsies it was pretty advanced
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. that is the national desk. they are covering america. this is the foreign desk. every picture that comes into fox news comes in through here at the media desk. those pictures will always be in those three on the right-hand side. in the top box, we are learning about what happened to an airplane that had to make an emergency landing because of turbulence. you will hear from a passenger who says that they were flung from their seats. cash for clunkers could be dead on the road. now it is up to the senate to keep the program going, but now some democrats are saying that program does not make sense to them. in the bottom box, imagine no one on line and seeing a picture of your child on line, and then imagines seeing the picture because someone had put it up for adoption. martha: right now we are waiting for press secretary robert gibbs to step in front of the microphone. he is likely to be in the hot seat today as reporters try to pin him down as to whether there is a door opening on new taxes to pay for health care and reduce the deficit. some of the president's top in visors are saying it is not necessa
of broadband in america. on tuesday, the full senate debates the nomination of sonia sotomayor for supreme court justice. coming this fall, tour the home to america's highest court, the supreme court. >> i have no clue. >> maybe government grants. >> i would say donations. >> advertising for products. >> public money. >> my taxes. >> america's cable companies created c-span as the public service, a private business initiatives. there is no government mandate, no government money. >> the british prime minister answers a range of questions before the british house of commons liaison committee. the committee is made up of the 30 chairmen of the house of commons select committees. several questions focused on the british economy, the banking crisis, and foreign affairs, specifically afghanistan. this is about two hours. >> order, order. as usual, you have been told the themes. as usual, you have not been told the questions. the first theme is the reform of banking and banking regulation. that will be introduced and led by john mcford. the second team will be led by edward lee. the third subjec
will always have to have a system, and they are recognizing in america as well, where the regulatory authority, the central bank and the finance ministry have to work together. otherwise, you cab not deal with the problems that arise. some affect individual institutions, and some affect public fbses. the basis of our system, i believe is the one that will be followed around the world. it is not that we are moving from the previous system. we are trying to make it even stronger in the relationships that have to develop in the future. >> it doesn't seem like there is the cohesion. it seems that is the message you should be taking back. >> as far as this financial crisis is concerned, it is very hard indeed because we have a very strong financial sector in the economy. i think around the world people appreciate that britain took the lead in dealing with many of the problems of the financial system. it was us that first recognized the need to recapitalize the banks and that simply providing lick witity was not going to be enough. and it was us who recognized that we would have to take shares in th
and to renew our commitment to ensure that the men and women who wear the uniform, the united states of america, get the opportunities that they have earned. i was a proud co-sponsor and i'm committed to making sure that it's implemented as president. we do this not just to meet our moral obligations for those who sacrifice greatly on our behalf. and on behalf of the company. we do it because these men and women must now be prepared to lead our nation in the peaceful pursuit of economic leadership in the 21st century. this generation of servicemen and women have already earned a place of honor in american history. each of them signed up to serve, many after they knew that they would be sent into harm's way. over the last eight year, they have endured tour after tour of duty and dangerous and difficult places. they've experienced ruling comment from the streets of fallucia and they have adapted to complex insurge cease and trained security forces. so by any measure they are the authors of the anyone who puts on a uniform joins the patriots. the freedom and prosperity that we enjoy would not exis
to make sense. mark, thanks. >>> the bank of america is in big trouble for lying about its acquisition of merrill lynch. b of a told shareholders merrill would not pay a year-end bonus or bonuses, but merrill was authorized to shell out almost $6 million in bonuses, about 12% of the total purchase price. bank of america has agreed to pay a $33 million penalty. >>> dealers are complaining they can't keep up with cash for clunkers demand. chrysler is backing away from its promise to double the incentive because its dealers are running out of stock. the government program might end anyway unless the senate votes to add more money to the pot. less than an hour ag grow andrea mitchell got this prediction from transportation secretary ray la hood. >> the house passed it with over 300 votes. that's a big, big majority. we're working very hard with the senate and senate leadership to make sure all senators understood how wildly popular this is, how good it is for the economy, how good it is for the environment, and we believe the senate will pass it this week. >>> cnbc auto expert phil la gran
system in america. we are of the fundamental belief the quality of healthcare is the best in the world and you have to preserve it. the problem is the affordability availability not the quality. >> look at what democrats are talking about the various taxes they have at least thrown out there as a trial. the latest ones are for example plastic surgery which by the way probably that's going to impact both you and me oun the road. at least me for sure. they are talking about a soda tax, they are talking about taxing employer benefits, they are talking about a millionaire surcharge tax. the bottom line is they are talking about significant tax increases when the economy is in a slow down. what is your reaction of any of those tax increase proposals? >> my reaction is this is the worst time in recent history to raise anybody's taxes. but the point is that when we are talking about reform and reducing costs, why do we have to increase taxes? why do we have to increase revenues there's a fundamental contradiction there. the truths they need by allowing small businesses to have fai -- based tr
to bite him? also, terror suspects in america's heartland. could guantanamo detainees wind up in kansas or michigan? controversy grows as the administration struggles to figure out an end game for the notorious camp. >>> and the white house said to have to twist arms to get some television networks to air the president's most recent prime-time news conference. his fourth since taking office. howard kurtz of our "reliable sources" is here with the inside story. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm suzanne malveaux in cnn's command center for breaking news, politics, and extraordinary reports from around the world. you're in "the situation room." >>> a massive deficit, a giant stimulus package, bailouts and how a health care overhaul. how does the country pay for all of this? during the campaign, candidate obama promised it wouldn't be with new taxes on the middle class, but two of the top economic officials now appear to be leaving the door open. cnn white house correspondent dan lothian joins us. and, dan, obviously, there was a lot of back and forth we saw in that briefing today. what was th
administration urged the senate today to follow suit. bank of america will pay a penalty of $33 million to the securities and exchange commission. the company was accused of misleading investors in its purchase of merrill lynch last year. bank of america initially said merrill would not pay year-end bonuses before the deal closed. in fact, the s.e.c. said bank of america had already approved up to $5.8 billion in bonus payments. and still to come on the newshour tonight: scarcity amid plenty; food insecurity; and vitamin d deficiency. that follows the latest in our series on the sticking points in the battle over health reform. tonight, taxing benefits. it's one of the key issues the senate finance committee is grappling with as it tries to craft a bipartisan health care bill. betty ann bowser begins with this report. our health unit is a partnership with the robert wood johnson foundation. >> one idea on the table topi pay for health-care reform is taxing the most costly of employer-provided health insurance benefits. the so-called cadillac plans provided to a small percentage of worke
coffee on ice. this looks like a good spot. you kin' do it. america runs on dunkin'. treat yourself today with an authentic caramel swirl iced latte. >>> making headlines this morning, u.s. marshals seized hand sanitizers and skin protectants from claircon biochel lab in utah. they say it contains harmful product and another product to be used on wound actually damaged them. >>> a concert turned deadly in canada. witnesses said it sounded like bombs went off. a storm rolled through, killing one person and leaving 75 more when debris went trying and aparent lit stage collapsed. kevin costners with on the stage waiting to perform with his band. he is okay though. concert organizers and officials said they had no advance warning of the veer storm. >>> a building that was supposed to come down did just that but not the way demolition folks had planned. this in turkey. instead of collapsing straight down, the factory tumbled over and end up upside down. >> oops! >> amazing video. >> no one was hurt. once the building is finally cleared, a new shopping mall will o up. >> they need to tear that
middle america cannot be ruled out. this is if the president's health care overhaul is to be funded. larry summer says it is too early to tell what will be needed for the restructuring. the president said reforming health care now will help shore up the overall economy. >>> an earthquake off the island of guam. the taliban pulls off another deadly attack. >>> tragedy at a music festival. another stage collapse has killed oneperson and leaves one famous movie star trapped. >>> researchers have found a new strain of a deadly virus. we'll have details in our on call segment coming up. you are watching fox 5 morning news. (mom) he needed everhing for college: towels, sheets and then there was the stuff he wanted... like a new microve. and because of walmart's unbeatable prices, we were able to get it all. ...and then some. set them up for success-- for less. save money. live better. walmart. the place that inspires her to go faster... and slower, elk mountains, colorado. where's yours? 100% natural nature valley granola bars. the taste nature intended. yeah, so? it stinks in here! have
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